• Part of the Tool Suite (2017 BETT Award WINNER)
  • A complete set of online tools
  • Encourages creativity in lessons
  • Colourful and pupil friendly interface
  • Appeals to reception and KS1
  • Single click, safe blogging to j2webby
  • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review


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Write is a simple to use writing tool, ideal for stories. A choice of word banks are available to help support this age group. Children will enjoy experimenting with presentation and style. Coloured backgrounds can be chosen to aid learning.

Paint is an easy to use creative tool. Children can paint freely with different sizes and colours. Shapes and stamps are easily selected, as well as colourful template backgrounds, and pictures from a picture bank.

Turtle teaches children the initial concepts of direction and simple programming. Children can design their own ‘turtle’ and plan a route for it to follow. Fantastic nursery rhyme and adventure templates are included.

Chart gives the simplest introduction to line, block, pie, and bar charts. Simply mix one or more chart type on the page. See the chart change instantly as the numbers in the table are changed.

A simple and fun introduction to data handling. Pick from a range of topics such as favourite fruits, colours, or pets then just click the buttons to add or take away the relevant pictures. Draw your own pictures or select from the picture bank.

Animate is a tool for creating simple but exciting animations. It is a natural progression for children to draw a picture in paint, then use animate to make part of it move. Make snowflakes fall, crabs scuttle across the beach, and cars race across a track. Children can transform their pictures into mini-movies.

Blend together any of the other tools into a mini e-portfolio. Add a picture to some text on one page, then move on to an animated story on the next for example.