• Part of the Tool Suite (2017 BETT Award WINNER)
  • A complete set of measuring tools
  • A ruler, calliper, protractor, and more
  • Both square and isometric grids
  • Encourages independent learning
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  • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review


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J2Measure is a comprehensive set of measuring tools. It includes a ruler, calliper, protractor, angle measurer, and scaling tools. Students can calculate the length, angle, and area of any objects on the screen.

The angle measurer dynamically updates as you change the size and shape of objects on the page.

Scale drawings are easily created with both square and isometric grids. A custom scale feature allows you to define your own scale for even more flexibility.

Using the distance and perimeter tools pupils can calculate the length of a journey or area of a map or aerial photograph.

This tool set has been created to encourage independent and collaborative learning.