• Manage any digital content
  • Distribute content to pupils
  • Add videos, photos, and sound
  • View shared files
  • Moderate pupils files
  • Innovative ‘launch pad’ interface

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J2launch enables you to manage and distribute any digital resource, including content created with the Just2easy tools. Developed by the award winning team at Just2easy, it is both simple and powerful.

The user can easily create a button which links to any web based content. This can then be shared with other users in the school.

Pupil’s files are immediately visible to the teacher directly through the innovative ‘launch pad’ interface, and learning conversations and assessments can easily be added using j2review.

Taking schools further…
Using the launch library the user can create a launch button for any resource, either from the list of existing buttons or by creating a new one. This one click process is easy and creates an image for the resource on the user’s Launchpad.

Alternatively, an administrator might want to distribute email buttons to all staff that links to the school email system, or share a variety of media to defined groups and classes. J2Launch enables schools to manage the web easily, integrating any other digital resources to develop a cloud based curriculum simply, anytime, anywhere…