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    • Part of the Tool Suite (2017 BETT Award WINNER)
    • 2013 BETT award winner
    • Works on tablets, phones, and laptops
    • Pupils and teachers can easily create web content
    • Embed, videos, sounds, or other web content
    • Single click, safe blogging to j2webby
    • Easily add learning conversations and assessment using j2review


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Easy to use

J2e is an online, fun, creative environment. Children use J2e intuitively, just like a sheet of paper.


Text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos, and embedded objects can be combined on a single web page. With no software to install, J2e can be used on any browser, anytime, anywhere.


Esafety is at the heart of J2e. J2e employs some of the latest Web 2.0 technology, in an educationally relevant, esafe environment. Teachers can choose to moderate pupils’ work before it is published.


J2e forms are a way of creating questionnaires to gather data, comments, or other information from different groups. Data can then be displayed, shared, and saved to a file. This could be used for whole class data collection or for obtaining the views of parents, staff, and governors.