Malvern Wells Primary

Testimonial from Malvern Wells Primary School

J2E is not just a single piece of software, but more like a parcel that you keep on unwrapping to reveal more.

The ease of J2E becomes apparent from the first time you use it, and pupils find it simple yet intuitive. I have used J2E on a very basic level as a means of adding text and pictures with ease, right up to a more complex level of website design, questionnaires, blogging, and stop frame animation. Since releasing J2Webby this has meant that all files pupils create, whether it be a stop frame animation, webpages, pictures, or a simple piece of work, can now simply be published to one space, where their class teacher can moderate and publish into a safe and usable area. (Perfect for school websites.)

As an ICT coordinator of a very progressive school, I was looking for something that the pupils would use and take ownership of, and J2E is it. At our school pupils are enjoying online homework tasks, and love the fact that they can use the full range of products in and out of school and simply ‘Blog’ to the class teacher.

I cannot speak highly enough of the J2E team, who have been supporting our use of the product and frequently sharing ideas to improve the way we use it through the online J2Network. This is a product which has kept on evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century primary classroom, and continues to offer pupils a different approach to ICT. The J2E app on the ipad demonstrates the diverse ways this product can be used.

Keep up the good work J2E and watch our J2Webby space!

Matt Warne
ICT Coordinator
Malvern Wells Primary School