There have been many studies that show the educational benefits of blogging, by giving children both audience and purpose for their writing.

The Just2easy Toolsuite includes two different but complimentary methods to blog:-

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The first tool is j2webby, an award winning tool that allows a pupil (or teacher) to blog work that they have created in j2e5, JIT, j2vote, j2spotlight , and other tools, with a single click. The work is blogged in the correct class for the pupil, and will not become public until the teacher has moderated it. Comments may be added by teachers, pupils, and the public. However, the comments will only be visible to the teacher until they are moderated. J2webby is built on WordPress, the most popular blogging tool in the world, so pupils can experience world class tools in an esafe environment.


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The second tool is j2bloggy. Unlike j2webby, this allows pupils or teachers to create as many websites as they wish. These websites may be private, or shared with classes or groups within the school. Although a pupil is trusted with administering their own websites, ultimate control is given to the teacher. This enables pupils to gain a knowledge of world class software tools within an esafe environment. The Just2easy website that you are reading now was created with j2bloggy.